Black Belt (1st Dan)


Kizami zuki oi zuki gyaku zuki

Mae geri kizami zuki gyaku zuki

Yoko geri kekomi, uraken uchi, gyaku zuki

Mawashi geri, uraken uchi, gyaku zuki

Ushiro geri chudan, uraken uchi and gyaku zuki chudan

Mae geri, kizami zuki, gyaku zuki, step back, gedanbarai gyaku zuki, step forward mawashi geri, uraken uchi, gyaku zuki

Four kicks: Mae geri, yoko geri, mawashi geri, ushiro geri, uraken uchi, gyaku zuki

Stand on one leg use: Mae geri, yoko geri, ushiro geri : All whilst maintaining balance. Change leg and perform on other side



Ji-yu Ippon Kumite

Semi free sparring


Freestyle kumite

Candidates will fight


Students will choose one kata from list A and a kata from list B will be chosen for the student.


List A                                     List B

Bassai Dai                                Any of the Heian Kata

Kanku Dai




An all inclusive karate club of children and adults of all ages and abilities based in Lymm, Partington and Davyhulme

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